contact microphones by JrF

contact mic

£25 (uk) / £28 (rest of world)

to order please visit the ordering page

. high quality hand finished piezo element.

. multi dipped in unique coatings.

. 2 metres of low noise, specially designed high quality cable

extra cable (per metre) can be purchased for £2.50 per metre 
(email me to order custom length mics)

. can be supplied with standard ¼ inch jacks or 3.5mm mini-jacks (please specify at time of purchase)

adaptors to connect to XLR inputs and from two mics to a single 3.5mm input can be found on the ordering page

Ideal for use on instruments and in field recording.

Pairs – for true stereo are also available (these are two separate contact mics – allowing for placement experimentation and a wider field of sound capture)


Paul C said...

could your contact mic's be used in water for a limited period?

Jez riley French said...

for use in water you really need a hydrophone as sound behaves differently in liquids. My contact mics are 'shower proof' but if you did want one with additional fully waterproof coatings I could do that. Email me via the contact page to discuss.

Anna W said...

I'm interested by recordings of ice... I'm just starting and I saw on other websites people using contact microphones either on ice, or frozen inside... Can your microphones be used like that?

Jez riley French said...

contact mics can be used for this but they're not fully waterproof so they either need to be made to order with more waterproof coatings or its better to use a hydrophone. thanks.

Robert B said...

hi, I'm using a Zoom H5. I'm interested in your contact mics but was wondering if there is any advantage the C-version will give me as opposed to the basic version when using such a recorder. Thanks.

Jez riley French said...

whilst the zoom handheld recorders don't have as powerful pre-amps as pro-sumer & professional ones, it is possible to detect the differences between the standard & c-series contact mics. There is a wider freq. response for example. If possible using them with the xlr adaptors also further improves the results.

Robert B said...

Ok, Thank you. Do you have a price for the xlr adaptors and are pairs the same price as two single contact mics?

Jez riley French said...

prices inc. p&p depend on your location - please contact me via email / contact page / form & I can send you a quote. ta.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would I be able to power these mics using a standard audiobox 48v phantom powered input? I want to run them through a behringer umc 404hd and I'm concerned that some folks seem to recommend using a dedicated preamp to run contact mics. Will this be an issue?

Jez riley French said...

they don't need phantom power so you can connect them via any interface etc. for the best results a pre-amp designed for non-conventional mics is best but you can use them without - you can also use impedance matching adaptors to xlr to improve the freq. response

Anonymous said...

Hello, will these benefit from the use of an impedance adapter?

Jez riley French said...

yes. Please see my website for up to date information as this is an old blog no longer updated.