news - june 2012

June 18th sees the launch of the new d-series hydrophone, which replaces the c-series hydrophone. This model makes a few adjustments to the c-series design & improves handling noise & freq. response in the mid & low freq. range. One of the features of the c-series was the larger element & capsule, which was designed to suspend itself in the water; now, some folks liked this & some folks, who used them in different depths, needed to add further weights to the cable. So, the new d-series is weighted to 
submerge itself as far as you want & your cable allows, just like the 'standard' hydrophone design.

the element in the d-series uses a new 'ceramic weld' process, meaning a smaller element can be
used to achieve the same or better results than the larger element used in the c-series design.

so, in basic terms whats the difference sound wise between the two models ? well, i'm in the process
of making some new test recordings of both so you can hear the difference for yourselves - just waiting
for the sun to come out & warm up the water ! but what I can say is:
standard: these are fine for folks with entry level recording devices up to, say, the £350 price range.

d-series: when using hydrophones with higher spec equipment or separate pre-amp stages, the d-series begins to show its advantages more fully. Those of you who know the ins & outs of this technology will know that there are limits & often the differences will be subtle but worthwhile. So, for example, the d-series will have a slightly higher, warmer signal & the higher spec cable improves slightly on the already low handling noise profile of the standard cable.

from now on all d-series hydrophones & c-series contact microphones will come Neutrik manufactured jacks.

i'm currently working on some new products, working with tab & cable microphones. more news to follow....