hydrophones by JrF


£50 (uk) / £55 (rest of world)

to order please visit the ordering page

As an experienced field recordist / artist / composer I have used this design to make recordings, in gallery installations and when performing live.

They come sealed and multi-coated (including unique marine and acoustic transfer coatings) + internally coated to provide a totally waterproof finish and are weighted.

They are available with either a standard jack or a mini-jack (please specify which you require at the time of purchase).

adaptors for connection to XLR imputs and from a stereo pair to a single mini jack input can be found on the adaptors pages

They come with 5m of cable as standard

extra cable @ £2.50 per metre can be purchased by emailing me

They are piezo based hydrophones, with the high spec piezo elements sealed into plastic capsules (chosen for their particular qualities) with multiple layers of waterproof coatings.

Pairs (for true stereo) are also available.

see the 'tips and guidance' and 'frequently asked questions' page for further info.


Miles Bowe said...

A little study I did recently with your hydrophone!

All the best, Miles.

Jez riley French said...

thanks Miles

words,words,words... said...

Hey Jez,

Just wanted to show you my findings with my recently purchased JrF Contact Mic and Hydrophone.

The latest post on my blog is a pretty interesting recording! (Hydrophone drips in the creek)



Jez riley French said...

thanks Daniel.

Andrew said...

Hi Jez,

would you recommend these for recording ice?



Jez riley French said...

indeed - lots of folks, including myself of course, have used them for this - including in the arctic.

allerdings said...

hey Jez,
i received my hydrophone yesterday and already im fascinated by the good quality. now that i really can experiment i started to wonder what i shoud not do with it.

wich temperatures and mediums can it withstand (boiling water, soap etc)?

thanks and ill be back for more:)



Jez riley French said...


my hp's have been boiled, frozen & even dipped in acid & have survived ! (though I wouldn't suggest the latter). With use in extreme temperatures you need to take extra care & avoid long durations + of course, its at your own risk. In some conditions it'll be the cable that melts or become brittle first for example. ta.

Unknown said...

Feels like a stupid question but here goes. Is the stereo pair two units joined to a stereo jack or perhaps a single combined unit with two hydraphone within the same seal?
I am looking to mik up two very seperate volumes of liquid and want to buy the correct thing.

Looking forward to whichever I purchase.

Jez riley French said...

thanks for your interest.

the stereo pairs are 2 separate hydrophones, each with its own cable & jack.


Unknown said...

What is the size of the hydrophone because I need the smallest one for an scientific experience

Jez riley French said...

the capsule on the standard & d-series hydrophones is approx. 28mm. I do sometimes make a very small hydrophone at around 12mm but these obviously have a small freq. response range.

Larns said...

Hi .I'm wanting to record dolphin sounds. Is this suitable?


Jez riley French said...

it is indeed. Please order via the main website as this blog is no longer in active use