valued customers (past, present & future !),

here in the UK, the good old british post office have decided in their wisdom that with all the pressures on individuals & small businesses that the time is right for a triple whammy of price rises.

1) on April 2nd they put basic prices of parcels up along with the cost of recorded delivery etc.

2) they also changed the size & weight limits, pushing anything but very slim parcels into a higher price bracket.

3) they also reduced the compensation level of all items sent without using higher cost, recorded services (my rant on this is that if claims for compensation from lost or damaged parcels are costing them too much then they should improve the service not pass the cost on to the senders, who have been let down by the service on offer).

They put prices up every year & for the last 2 years JrF has decided to either not pass on the price rise or to subsidise the added cost by taking some of the hit.

However, these latest 3 price changes mean that I will have to take a look at prices & look at ways to at least cover the actual costs of postage as they now stand. A quick example is that a parcel that used to cost £1.80 & have included insurance (in case of loss or damage) of up to £50, would not cost over £5 at least, depending on the size.

I'm going to take the rest of April to monitor the impact of the post office price rises & then make a decision.

I want you to know that I don't want to put my prices up ! I want to carry on supplying good products & service to enthusiastic people with an interest in sound exploration. I hope that any price rise forced on me by the post office won't impact on customers ability to order. 

It does seem odd to me that at a time when the post office should be improving their service & making every effort to support economical growth they have chosen instead to make the decisions they have. 

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